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Stanley Madison, Master Gardner,
Chris MacKay & Gary Schmidt
along with many volunteers are
creating a wonderful botanical
garden.  The gardens will feature a
period garden with flowers that
would have been available in the
early 1900’s, a butterfly garden, a
vegetable garden using the “Three
Sisters” method, many azaleas,
daylilies and perennials. There will
also be an annuals cutting &
planting garden to enhance the
classroom field trips to Lyles
This year we have a garden
planted especially for classroom
Field trips!  Peanuts, Popcorn,
Cotton & Sweet Corn!
More Pictures to come!
Lots of culture coming to Lyles Station!
Horticulture and Agriculture that is!
To add to the Annual Fall Corn Maze at Lyles Station, we have planted a
pumpkin patch and 20 varieties of Indian Corn!

Farming has always been a
way of life for the residents of
Lyles Station.

We are excited to host a
Dupont Pioneer seed Demo
plot, growing
soy beans, yellow corn, white
corn and grain sorghum.
Tours of the test plots are
Country Boys & Girls
4-H Club
lead by Chris Heidenreich
& Thomas Ault have done
an amazing job planting a
Community Garden at
Lyles Station!

The garden contains Wax
beans, Green beans, Carrots,
Swiss Chard, Cucumbers,
Lettuce, Yellow Squash,
Cilantro & Basil.
Vegetables produced by the
garden will be donated to
organizations helping
families in Gibson County.
953 N. County Road, 500 W.
Princeton, IN 47670