Visiting students will experience a day in the life of
Lyles Station School children in the early 1900’s.
Visit our Heritage classroom
Enjoy Work and Play Hands-on Activities
Field Trips

The reputation of the schools was that they educated without excuse, demanding excellence from the minds that
entered the building, with the full support of the surrounding community. They aspired to greater personal success.
The Heritage Classroom allows students to participate in a unique historic classroom environment. Students will be
exposed to the education techniques used in the 1920's.
Teachers and other personnel are trained to reflect the current circumstances of the period, referring to the
“President” as the president who was sitting at that time. Students are introduced to lessons as they were taught
at that time and life experiences authentic to the era, such as careers in farming, commerce etc. before 20th
century technology.
Sack lunches and outdoor restroom facilities will further complete the authentic experience of the
students. Visitors to the Heritage School will be able to view classrooms in progress without
disrupting the students via remote monitors.

LSHPC developed, with the guidance of a professional curriculum specialist, a curriculum to be used in the school.
The curriculum is to consider the extraordinary history of the community as well as broader issues of community
race relations and school segregation.

Our goal is to recreate, with reasonable accuracy, a sense of life and learning in Lyles Station in the 1920’s when
the school building was new and the school, and community thriving. The LSHPC envisioned a program similar to
that operated in Monroe County at Honey Creek School, but different in that it is rooted in the specific heritage of
the Lyles Station community, an African American community.

Development phases of the Heritage Classroom include the development of curriculum/content design and the
creation of a historical/interactive learning environment.
The goals of the project were to combine the authenticity of historical experience, teaching pedagogy and topics,
while being supported by contemporary educational technology.

For both projects the larger goal was to share the Lyles Station story locally, regionally, and nationally.

We hope that these projects will serve as a model for other such communities throughout the United States and
the corporation anticipates serving as a resource to other African American communities and organizations who
strive to recreate our hidden history.
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The importance of education has
been evident African American
children were denied access to public
schools until 1869. The Lyles Station
children first attended a private
Subscription School that was
organized by their elders. School was
held in a log building owned by the
Hardshell Baptist Church, located in
the Switch Settlement.

A three-room school was later built
on property across the road from the
Wayman Chapel A.M.E. Church in
Lyles Station. The mere basics of
reading, writing, and arithmetic was
taught to the children.

The former slaves and elders of the
Lyles Station Settlement recognized
the importance of educating their
future generations. This was the key
to success that they wanted their
children and grandchildren to have.
Work and Play Field Trip
2 Hour Field Trip

9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. or 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m
$5.00 per student (70 students- Maximum capacity- 15 students minimum)

Students will make candles, churn butter, wash clothes on a wash board, play marbles, shell corn
through a hand cranked machine and other activities.  Students will take a tour of the museum and
log cabin as well as participate in a short handwriting lesson on the slate boards in the Heritage

Students will be allowed to visit the gift shop at the end of the field trip.  We sell a variety of small
toys, post cards, books, and school supplies.  

The museum is fully handicapped accessible, and is equipped with an elevator.
Heritage Classroom Field Trip

9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. (We can adjust these times for your schedule)
$8.00 per student- (15 students minimum and 34 students maximum capacity-)

Students will step into the shoes of those who walked the halls of Lyles Station Consolidated
School in the 1920's.  Our Schoolmarm will greet them with a friendly but strict demeanor.  
Students will recite from McGuffey Readers, learn arithmetic, practice handwriting on a slate board,
learn about President Warren Harding and history about the United States.  Students will stand
when speaking and learn common classroom etiquette followed in the 1920's.

Students will bring a sack lunch, which will be eaten outside, weather permitting, followed by circle
games, hoop and stick, bucket brigade, marbles, and sack races.  The students may drink water
pumped from our well and then take a quick bathroom break in our outhouses before returning
to the classroom for afternoon lessons.  

We encourage students to dress in old-fashioned style clothing if they choose.  Boys wore
overalls with buttoned shirts and girls wore long skirts, buttoned shirts, and bonnets.  Girls may
wear braids but should avoid sitting in front of anyone who might dip the end of her braid in an
ink well...

Of course this misbehavior would be just cause for standing in the corner and writing "I will not
disobey the class rules," 100 times, on the chalkboard after school.

Our hope is that students leave with a new appreciation for their modern classrooms and gain an
understanding of what school was like for students at Lyles Station Consolidated School.
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