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the book level (BL) and AR points for each

The Accelerated Reader (AR) is a curriculum-based
assessment tool that provides a summary and
analysis of results to enable teachers to monitor
both the quantity and quality of reading practice
engaged in by their students.

Accelerated Reader (AR) is a progress monitoring
software assessment in wide use by primary and
secondary schools for monitoring the practice of
reading. It was created by Renaissance Learning, Inc.
indicates that the book is considered appropriate
reading level for a reader in the fourth grade at the
fifth month of schooling. The AR pints are the points
your child will receive in the program for reading
that particular book. Please keep in mind that these
are simply guidelines.  There will be children you are
capable of reading books above their level, as well
as those who will only be able to tackle books
below their assigned reading level.

Not all schools use this system, but all
teachers will benefit by being able to tell at a
glance if a particular book is grade appropriate.
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