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The Lyles Consolidated School was constructed in 1922 and continued to hold classes until 1958. The school building is the most prominent building in the community and one, which, along with the Wayman Chapel A.M.E. church, best indicates the aspirations and values of the people who lived there. The outstanding significance of the school building is recognized beyond Lyles Station. The school is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as a rare surviving manifestation of Indiana’s rural African American heritage. The school is further recognized for its role as an extraordinary institution from which many individuals advanced to achieve distinction. The building ceased to be used as a school in 1958. The ensuing years took a heavy toll on its fabric and structure, and a portion of the rear of the building is in a state of collapse. In recognition of its importance and its declining condition, Historic Landmarks Foundation listed it as one of Indiana’s Ten Most Endangered Places. Through the use of Historic Landmarks Statewide Revolving Loan Fund, the Lyles Station Historic Preservation Corporation purchased and completed emergency stabilization of the school.

The Heritage Classroom

The heritage classroom stands as it did in 1922. The classroom provides a glimpse into the past when students in Lyles Station were educated in the one-room school house. Today, young people can share that experience as many local schools spend a day holding class in the heritage classroom as a field trip. 

Explore our History

The Interpretative room continues the journey to the past with artifacts from a time when farming and working the land was a way of life for most people in the community. The room features farming tools from that era. A weaving loom is a popular attraction in the Interpretative Room. The space also includes a wall-sized timeline that details significant events in American history that are relevant to the Lyles Station community.

The Alonzo Fields Gallery

The Alonzo Fields Gallery features key figures born in the Lyles Station community who later contributed to their community, nation, and the world. These key figures include Alonzo Fields, who served as the Chief Butler at the White House for four U.S. Presidents in over 20 years; and Aaron Fisher, a WWI soldier, who was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for what the U.S. Army calls his “extraordinary heroism in action.”
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